Happy seven months, Maya girl. You would have been sitting up on your own by now. And starting to crawl. And eating real food. And pulling yourself up on to things. You probably would even be walking soon. But now none of that stuff is ever going to happen. I’ll never get to see you do any of those things. I was so excited for them. For all of the cool stuff you would do throughout your life. But your life is over. And so is mine.


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  1. Your life can help others going through this, please don’t give up and please don’t do anything to yourself. SIDS needs all the voices it can get. Maya would want you to do what you can to make a difference in this world.


  2. I don’t have the right words, but I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your Heavenly Father loves you! And Maya is safe in His arms. You miss her very much because you love her very much, but someday after a long full life fulfilling your purpose here on Earth, you will be reunited with your sweet girl again. Live for her! Live a beautiful life with her in your heart always! I am thinking of you in your loss, and I felt like I should let you know. Hugs and prayers! May God comfort your heart through the Holy Spirit and speak peace unto your soul!


  3. I lost my little baby boy Jacob at 5 months from SIDS too, perfectly healthy. I read all about your baby and have felt everything you have been through. No words will ever comfort us mothers , accept maybe just knowing that someone has been through it too. Big hug.


  4. I need someone to relate to i lost my daughter she is 3 today and i still tlk and think about her it would be great to communicate to someone who understands me nd what im going threw


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