Dear Maya,

Hi sweetie. Mommy misses you so much. I keep going in your room and holding your things and just crying my eyes out. Your room is exactly the same as when you were here. Your blankets are on your changing table. Your dirty clothes are in your hamper. Your crib and toys and rocker and books are all still there. I can’t move them. I don’t want to take your room apart because then you’re really gone. I still am hoping that I will wake up in the morning to you crying and this last month will have just been a dream. Please let that come true. Please come back, Maya. Mommy and daddy need you. I want you so bad. PLEASE! This isn’t fair. You weren’t supposed to die. I was supposed to protect you. Why couldn’t I keep this from happening? Why can’t you come back? I WANT MY MAYA!


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