We got the appointment set for our tattoos. I’m actually pretty excited. It’s such a beautiful tattoo, and it will really honor Maya. I can’t wait to see her name over my heart every time I look down at myself. That’s where she will always be, so it’s the perfect spot. I miss her so much. I never thought it would be possible to miss someone this much. And she was only in our lives for a short time, but she changed everything completely. Everything we are now is because of her. And now Austin and I can be even better parents to our next child because Maya taught us how to be amazing parents. It just breaks my heart to think about having another though. Nothing will ever be complete again. Even in ten years, when we have more kids, and our own home, etc., she will still be missing from everything we do. How are we supposed to ever feel normal again? No matter what we do, it’s not going to feel right. I don’t know how this will ever be okay. How I will ever be okay. I just want to go back in time and have none of this happen. I miss my baby. I love her so much.


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  1. Maya will always be with you in your hearts and every time you remember her she lives on. I know I can’t say words to make it better but I know for myself, even after 10 years, I talk to my Mom everyday and I show her all the places I go and all the things I experience in life and she is living them right along side me. Somehow it makes her still live within me and I will always have her. You two were and will be awesome parents again. Maya was so special and the tattoo over your hearts will be a reminder of where she always loved snuggling with her Mom and Dad. So, so sorry for the pain. Love you both so much.


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