I submitted the obituary. Guess that makes it official. I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks already. Feels like just yesterday. The days just blur together. It doesn’t even feel like time is passing at all. We stay up late zoning out on video games or movies, then sleep in as late as possible. It’s nice not having to think about it. Every time I picture her face or remember something that she will never do now, my heart breaks all over again. I miss her so much. I never thought it would be possible to miss someone this much. Her urn came yesterday too. It’s gorgeous. And so are the necklaces Austin and I got to put some ashes in. I just can’t believe that I can even say that. I never thought I would have to pick out an urn for my BABY. Maybe my mom or mother-in-law or even a sibling or an older child. But not a baby. Babies aren’t supposed to die. Especially not healthy babies. Especially not my baby.


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