Well, the cause of death is officially SIDS. SIDS. SIDS. SIDS. SIDS. Maybe if I say it enough times it will feel real. How can a perfectly healthy baby just die for no reason? That doesn’t make any sense. And thousands of babies die of this every year. How can that be? How can so many families have to go through this pain? It makes me angry. Why did it have to be my baby? As soon as I got pregnant, I started thinking of all these horrible things that could happen to my children. Cancer, car accidents, kidnapping, etc, etc. But I never thought anything would actually happen. I just don’t understand.


One thought on “SIDS

  1. My brother lost a baby, my nephew, to SIDS years ago. I never got to meet him either. Life isn’t fair… sometimes, in fact.. it really sucks. I won’t tell you it gets easier, because death…the loss of someone so precious, isn’t ever easier. I think the brain just creates a different pathway of thought at some point so we can function, or at least appear to function again. Our hearts…well that’s a different story. Our heart aches forever, no matter how much time passes..but you know what? That’s ok…because our heart reminds us that our loved one was precious to us and it uses our memories of that person, no matter how young or old they were, to keep their spirit alive. Our brain might forget what they looked like, or sounded like, but our heart never forgets. So instead of using your brain to remember Maya…use your heart. It will never let go of her…she will always be right there within you. I love you granddaughter..don’t ever forget that..<3


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