I just want to write down some memories so that I never forget. I will add more later on as I remember more things.

When Maya was first born, she had to have formula supplements because my milk wasn’t in yet, and every time she would get a bottle, we would go to wrap her back up in her swaddle, and she would be so tired that she was completely limp.

In the hospital, the only way Maya would pee is if you took her diaper off for a few minutes and left her naked.

The first time Austin changed a diaper was Maya’s first. It was the nasty meconium poop. He took her diaper off and grabbed a new one, and she peed all over the blanket. So we got her all cleaned up and got a new diaper ready, and then she POOPED all over the blanket. So we had to get another diaper again. And throw the blanket in to a bag to take home and wash, but we forgot to rinse it off so the first load of laundry of hers that we did got poop all over it!

Maya liked to pee on her daddy. She did it all the time. Basically whenever her diaper was removed, she would make herself in to a fountain.

She would bounce her head on your shoulder when she was hungry.

She could burp like a grown man.

And the farts! Oh man. She could clear a room with those things. Sometimes they would get trapped in her diaper, so when you would go to change it, the smell would hit you right in the face.

The first night we brought her home, I had her in the bassinet because I was getting her some clothes, and she made this screech just like a pterodactyl and our cat heard it and ran and hid. He didn’t know what she was.

She would fake cry all of the time. It would sound like coughing. Like “cough cough cough cough EEEEEE” It was so cute.

She loved to knock over water bottles. She would cry until you put them back up.

Austin would always flip her diaper up and down because she would laugh so hard at it.

She would cry when anyone held her but Austin or me.

We drew eyebrows on her with eyeliner, and a piece broke off and ended up in her hair, and I couldn’t get it out so Austin had to clip it out with scissors.

She would always get hungry the second I started cooking.

She hated her wubbanub when we first bought it for her. She just recently started liking it.

She loved her crinkle book. We would rub it to make noise to get her to sleep, she would chew on it, play with it. It was basically an all in one.

She loved books. But she would always try to get them in her mouth so you would have to play tug of war with her while you were reading.

She hated her car seat. As soon as you sat her in it, she would cry.

We did footprints of hers for Christmas, and she hated the paint. She screamed the entire time it was on her foot.

She got to meet Santa twice. We took her to the theater and to the event center. She slept the entire time she was in his arms.

This one time I put her hand around her toes and she tried to stretch out her leg but couldn’t and it made her mad.

She loved trying to chew on the cat’s ears and pulling his hair.

She loved chewing on her spoon. But she would always hit herself in the eye with it and get all mad. Or shove it too far down her throat and make Austin and I panic.

She loved grabbing a handful of my skin and pinching it.

She would rub her hand up and down my boob whenever she nursed.

Sometimes she would be latched on and hear her dad and turn her head really quick, but she would still be latched so it would hurt me.

We would brush her teeth every night. She didn’t like it so she would stick her tongue out so we couldn’t do it. But if you tried to brush her tongue on purpose, she would suck it back in to her mouth.

The first time she rolled to her belly was in her crib and Austin and I were standing right there and got to watch it.

She loved breaking out of her swaddle.

This one time in Walmart, I was walking around shopping with her in the Moby Wrap and the entire time we were in the store, she growled.

When you would tickle her foot, she wouldn’t laugh. She would grunt.

When I would take her to the store in her stroller, she would be fine unless I stopped rolling. So I would have to hurry up and grab whatever I needed before she could cry.

I couldn’t get any hand prints because she wouldn’t stop clenching her fists.

If you didn’t brush her hair right after a bath, it would get super curly.

I dipped her foot into the river and she cried instantly.

When she saw the eel at the fish store, she started shaking and crying. Every single time, even if the eel was hiding. She didn’t like him.

The first time she smiled was at me. She was in her bassinet next to my side of the bed, and Austin was up trying to get her to calm down, so I rolled over and looked at her and as soon as she saw me, she got this huge smile on her face.

She did not like the taste of tomato, bell pepper, onion, beans, broccoli, or lettuce. She did like eggs, avocado, roast, and potatoes.

She got to hunt Easter eggs twice. The first time, I held her. The second time, Austin held her. She kept losing her shoes.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Thanks so much for writing these things down so we can share them also. So saddened at the loss but so happy she was here for awhile. We will never forget her and hearing these things lest us know even more about our precious Maya. We will always love and remember her, every day forever and we love you all so much.


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