Dear Maya,

Hey sweetheart. I hope you are doing good. Mommy and daddy are okay. It’s been really hard without you. Everything reminds me of you. Every room in the house. Every restaurant we go to. Every store. Everything. You were such a huge part of our lives and now you are just gone. And I feel so empty inside. I don’t have a purpose everyday anymore. I got so used to caring for you 24/7 that now, I have nothing to do. Daddy and I just sit around the house all day and try not to cry. We miss you, honey. We miss you so much. I wish you could come home. We need you. I don’t even understand how you could have died. You were a perfectly healthy, happy little girl and now you are just dead? How does that even happen? I wish someone could explain it to me because I really don’t understand how this is possible. My little girl can’t be dead. The baby I carried for nine months and nursed and dressed and snuggled and kissed can’t just be DEAD. It’s not possible! And it’s not fair! Why did you have to be taken from me? We all love you so much. I think about every sweet memory with you, and it hurts. I don’t want to be without you. I don’t want them to just be memories. I want them to be real. I want you back. Please. I will do anything to have my little girl again.


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