Dear Maya,

Today we went out to your great-great-grandpa Aury’s ranch. Mommy hasn’t been there in forever. And daddy never has. It was so nice. There was no internet or even electricity, and we got to just take a break from everyone and everything for a few hours. Great-grandpa Lynn, Uncle LaVor, Great-Great-grandma Vi, Grandma Stacey, Grandpa Dale, and daddy and I were all there. We shot guns at cans and blew up some stuff. It was nice. It felt like you were there with us. Everything was okay for a few hours. But then we got home. And your presence is so strong here that I can’t pretend you are just sleeping or at the babysitters (even though you never went to one anyway). I miss you so much. But I truly believe that you are up there watching us and you wouldn’t want mommy and daddy to just give up. We are going to keep on with our lives and make them count for you. We miss you and love you Maya.


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