Before you were born, we bought all of your baby stuff. And without realizing it, it all had butterflies on it. Your bouncer, your diaper bag, your exersaucer, some of your clothes, your play mat, and your car seat all had butterflies on them. And we didn’t even realize it until we got them in the mail. Even the grief book we got from the library had butterflies on it. And today, when we were at grandpa’s ranch, a beautiful little butterfly flew between daddy and me and off towards the pond. And I just know that it was a sign from you. I know you’re up there baby girl. As much as I wish you were here, I know that you are in a better place now. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Butterflies..

  1. I will forever think of Maya when I see a butterfly. She is with her Grandma Dallas now and watching over you and her Daddy. The love will never end between you and she.


  2. I’m here from the Oct 2014 board on BBC, and just wanted to give you a heartfelt virtual hug. I am heartbroken for you. I completely believe that butterflies are a sign- that was Maya checking on you. Every time I see one, I know it’s my mom saying hello. My mom loved, loved, loved babies and kids (she passed away in 2005- way before I had mine)- she was a teacher and Sunday School teacher. I like to think that she’s up in heaven rocking and singing with all the babies and kids. So maybe my mom welcomed your little angel in her open arms. Anyway… Hugs to both of you. Get your tattoos, wear your necklaces, trace your CS scar and remember that little girl. When you have other children, Maya will be the one they look at in an empty corner and smile. She will live on in your hearts and souls.


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