Dear Maya,

The nights aren’t as bad. It feels like you are just in bed sleeping. Any minute now you are going to start crying and daddy will go get you and mama will nurse you and everything will be okay. At night I can pretend like my entire world isn’t shattered. At night I can hope that sleeping will bring me some peace. At night I can pray that when I wake up, it will all have just been a dream. You can’t even imagine how much we miss you Maya. Our entire lives just feel empty without you. The house is too quiet and the days are too short. I miss my beautiful little baby. You could turn any day, no matter how bad, into the best one so far. I love you angel, with all of my heart and soul. Know that mommy and daddy will never, ever forget you or stop loving you. Your brothers and sisters will always know your name and see your pictures. Gone but NEVER forgotten.


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